Getting Started with Intelery CAN Analyzer

What is Intelery?

Intelery is a web-based application for managing Controller Area Network (CAN) messages. CAN, also called CAN bus, is a widely used protocol found in a wide range of industrial applications for communication between Electronic Control Units (ECUs).

What problem does Intelery it solve?

A CAN message – as it comes out of an ECU – is not human-readable. A typical CAN message, for example, to represent the current engine speed in a vehicle may look like this:

“0x0CF004FE – 01 23 45 67 89 AB CD EF”

To make sense of the above CAN message we need to convert it into real-world values, which is a more human-friendly format. The CAN message conversion process is called decoding, mapping or parsing, and use maps called CAN Database or CANdb. Below is an example of a raw CAN message that has been parsed. As you can see, it’s much easier to read the message below.

A main feature of Intelery is the Map Editor which allows users to create, browse and share these CAN Database (CANdb) maps. Further, Intelery lets the user define a raw CAN message for the purpose of testing. This raw CAN message is then mapped according to the selected CANdb and it results in the Parsed CAN message.

Intelery CANdb Editor and CAN message parser/mapper

Who’s Intelery for?

Intelery should appeal to a wide audience such as:

  • Education: people new to CAN who want to learn about CAN message data and real-world value conversion. Check out CAN Bus Academy for courses.
  • Engineering: designers of new CAN components and systems may use Intelery to create a CAN database while testing data ranges, scaling and offset.
  • Collaboration: teams in companies or public communities who need a collaboration platform to exchange their knowledge on different applications.
  • Field Work: a day-to-day tool to assist field workers to decode CAN message per a CAN database set.

CANdb Map Editor

The Map Editor allows the user to see up close how a raw CAN message is mapped into real-world values. The user can either create a new CAN Database or may import an existing map. Intelery supports the import of both JSON and DBC file formats.

The CANdb can be exported as a JSON file format so you can store and use it in other CAN-based software.

Intelery has a Signal Table, shown below, as a quick indicator of all data mapped in a message, including start bit number, signal name.

intelery CAN Message Signals Map

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