Arduino CAN Bus software tool

Intelery CAN bus analyzer is compatible with Arduino CAN bus shields. Just firmware update your Arduino board so it can communicate with Intelery Link. [Link to Arduino code in Github]

Intelery Link is a free companion software for Windows, Mac and Linux. It communicates to an Arduino CAN Bus board via the serial port and broadcasts the raw CAN bus data to Intelery’s Cloud CAN Bus. Intelery Link implements two-way communication such that users can also send CAN commands from Cloud CAN Bus to the Arduino board.

intelery link for arduino can busAdditionally, for systems where you don’t have access to the serial port, Intelery Link can monitor a file, and broadcast the file content to Intelery’s Cloud Can bus

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About Arduino CAN bus capture format

Intelery Link expects one raw CAN message per line. Each line contains the CAN id and the payload data of 0 to 8 bytes. Both are in hexadecimal format. The id hs ‘0x’ prefix, but not the payload. Each line must end with ‘\n”.

Here’s an example: